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 Integrative Dentistry: Homeopathy in Dentistry 

It is advisable to take homeopathic treatments fifteen minutes before or after eating. Strong flavors such as mint and camphor, odors from perfumes and paints, and caffeine may decrease the effectiveness of the remedies.

Homeopathy requires personal observation to determine the length of treatment needed with each remedy. If no change occurs in a chronic ailment after a week, switch to another remedy. If improvement is noted, continue with the remedy until all symptoms have disappeared. If a new set of symptoms appears, start a different remedy.

Common Homeopathic Therapeutic Agents

Agent Indications

Acidum nitricum Diarrhea caused by antibiotics.

Aconite Anxiety, nervousness, fear, physical and mental restlessness, stiff and painful neck.

Ambra grisia Children with extreme nervousness

Ammonium carbonica Pain on chewing, TMJ.

Ammonium phosphoricum Facial paralysis.

Antimonium crudum Dry lips, cracks at corners of lips, canker sores.

Antimonium tartaricum Mouth sores caused by Candida albicans.

Apis mellifica Swollen gums; red, sore tongue and throat; cancer of the tongue.

Arnica Easily Bleeding gums; dry, ulcerated tissue; dry, red tongue; toothache that is worse at night; metallic taste; sore muscles; pain, sprains.

Arsenicum album Gums that bleed easily; dry mouth with ulcerations; dry, red, ulcerated tongue; neuralgia of teeth that is worse ant night; metalic taste.

Arsenicum metallicum Tongue that is coated white and shows imprint of teeth, ulcers in mouth

Arum triphyllum Cracked and sore corners of mouth.

Belladonna Toothache, abscess, grinding of teeth, fever.

Bismuthum Toothache that feets better with cold water, swollen gums.

Borax Canker sores, bitter taste in mouth, dry mouth.

Bryonia Cracked and dry lips, yellow- to dark brown-coated tongue.

Calcarea carbonica Crackling noise and throbbing in ears, pulsating pain in teeth, swollen submaxillary glands, bleeding gums, toothache from hot or cold food or drinks, bad breath.

Calcarea fluorica Loose teeth with toothache when chewing, oral tumors, teething pain.

Calendula Cuts and other wounds caused by tooth extraction.

Capsicum Oral herpes, bad breath.

Causticum Facial paralysis, pain in facial bones, pain in jaws with difficulty in opening mouth

Chamomilla Toothache that intensifies with hot or warm foods or drinks, teething pain.

Dulcamara Cold sores, especially on lips; symptoms of neuralgia.

Echinacea rudbeckia Canker sores, receded gums that bleed easily, cracks at corners of lips, dry or swollen tongue.

Eupatorium peffoliatum Cracks in corners of mouth, yellow-coated tongue, thirst.

Formalin Loss of taste.

Gelsemium Anxiety.

Hepar sulphuris Painful, bleeding gums; depression; anxiety; swelling; infection; pain in jaw upon opening

Hypericum Injuries to nerves as in deep cavities; for pain control after any major dental treatment

Ignatia Mouth constantly full of saliva, toothache, sour taste.

Kali muriaticum Pyorrhea, cold sores, thrush, swollen glands in neck and jaw.

Kali phosphorkum Bad breath; excessive dry mouth in the morning; toothache; spongy, bleeding, and receding gums; anxiety.

Kreosotum Children with anxiety

Kreosotum Swollen, spongy, bleeding gums; cold sores; dry, cracked lips; pain in facial bones; lack of energy.

Lycopodium Dry mouth, bad breath.

Magnesia phosphorica Teething

Magnesium carbonica Toothache

Mercurius corrosivus Advanced gum disease with loose teeth and swollen, inflamed gums.

Mercurius cyanatus Ulcerated mouth, pain and swelling of salivary glands

Mercurius hydrargyrum Gum disease, sore tongue.

Mercurius solubilis Bad breath, excessive salivation, oral herpes. (Recommended during and after removal of many mercury fillings).

Mercurius vivus Metallic-tasting saliva, bad breath, swollen gums, general body weakness.

Natrum muriaticum Thick coating on tongue; numbness, tingling of tongue and lips; dry mouth; cracks at corners of mouth; loss of taste; unquenchable thirst.

Natrum phosphoricum Canker sores on lips and cheeks.

Nux vomica Bad breath caused by gastric disturbances.

Phosphorus Easily bleeding gums, persistent bleeding after tooth extraction

Phytolacca Teething pain, pain in the soft palate, swollen tonsils.

Plantago major Toothache that is sensitive to touch, worse with cold.

Pulsatilla Toothache, bad breath, alteration or loss of taste, salivary gland disorder.

Pyrogenium Bad breath; red, dry, and cracked tongue; dry throat; bad taste.

Rhamnus californica Muscular pain and swollen joints in jaw(TMJ), canker sore between gums and lips.

Rhus toxicodendron Loose teeth, sore gums, red and cracked tongue, cold sores around mouth, pain in jaw joint.

Santoninum Headache, bad breath, thirst, loss of appetite, grinding of teeth.

Silicea Gums sensitive to cold, abscess.

Staphysagria Toothache during mensturation, anger, moodswings.

Sulphur Skin rash.

Sulphuricum acidum Cold sores, gums that bleed ealily, anxiety, craving for stimulants.

Symphytum Anxiety after trauma.

Trillium pendulum Excessive bleeding after tooth extraction, bleeding gums, headache in front of head.

Upas tiente Herpes of lips

Xerophyllum Headache, backache, TMJ, pressure in sinuses and behind eyes.

X-ray Excessive exposure to x-rays, painful throat when swallowing.

(Excerpted from The Complete Book of Dental Remedies)
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