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HealthWorld Online: Promoting Healthy Living via the Internet

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Self-Care Central: Coordinated by medical self-care and online health authority, Tom Ferguson, M.D. Resources on self-care, searchable databases for self-help.

Health University: Online and offline courses for the continuing education of health professionals and consumers in the fields of natural health, global educational calendar, listings of medical schools, colleges, and leading educational institute.

Public Health Center: Provides health information from United States Government health agencies and the World Health Organization.

Association Network: Network of complementary web sites developed by HealthWorld Online as a public service for over 35 professional associations, and consumer health groups.

The Professional Center: Provides premium services including an extensive professional research library containing six full text alternative and complementary medicine journals, Nutritional Influences on Illness database, referrals to professional and free MEDLINE.

The Legal & Legislative Center: An invaluble resource for state and federal issues surrounding medical licensing laws, medical malpractice, FDA regulation of drugs and dietary supplements, as well as other legal issues in the arena of health and medicine.

Press Room: Disseminating WellCare-oriented health through an online press release service, "Newsbreaks,” as well as our daily health news feed.

Free Services
The following original HealthWorld Online database services may be adapted to the needs of individual intranets. Services such as Medline and the daily health news feed, for example, would need to be sub-contracted through HealthWorld Online from the original vendor.

Global Health Calendar: The Global Health Calendar is a leading online resource for health and fitness events, containing over 1,500 listings of the leading conferences, seminars and events worldwide in searchable database.

Newsbreaks: Online news service which disseminates WellCare-oriented health news to journalists, the public and professionals. Feature of the HealthWorld Online News Room.

Professional Referral Network: Offers searchable databases created from membership lists of numerous professional associations, including homeopathic, naturopathic, chiropractic, holistic medicine, and acupuncture.

Professional Home Pages: Home pages for experts in the various areas of wellness, self-care, natural health care, alternative and complementary medicine, and integrative medicine within our fully searchable Professional Referral Network database.

Speaker's Network: Home pages for experts in the various areas of wellness, self-care, natural health care, alternative and complementary medicine, and integrative medicine within our fully searchable Speaker's Network database.

Newsletter: Bi-weekly email newsletter for HealthWorld Online members. HTML version available on web site.

Forums: Online discussion moderated by experts in the field. Forums on Vaccination, Chronic and Life Threatening Illness Support Center, Mind/Body Approaches to Chronic Illness, Legal/Legislative Issues, Issues in Integrative Health Care, and Qigong and Taiji.

Daily Health News Wire: Daily health news feed from New York Times Syndicate and Medical Tribune services, complete with archives accessible by topic.

Medline: HealthWorld Online was the first Internet site to offer MEDLINE database from the National Library of Medicine for free global access.

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