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Healing with Homeopathy
Like Waving a Red Flag

© Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman ND, MSW

In this case, George had difficulty asking his first wife for sex. After the divorce, when she asked for sex, he couldn't say no, and felt guilty afterwards, leading directly or indirectly to his physical symptoms centering around the genitals. Although Staphysagria is not in the repertory for inflammation of the scrotum, the state of the remedy was clearly present, and we could prescribe it with confidence.

At his six-week follow-up, George reported that the irritation on his scrotum had disappeared. He had some dry, cracking skin behind the glans

for a few days, which responded to Vit. E oil. He used a condom during sex to prevent any abrasion. He continued to go to therapy. He reported that he feels more stable emotionally. He was dealing with the anger toward his ex-wife and letting it out. He was trying to let go of the guilt. He recalled a recent dream about releasing anger.

The anal itching became intense for a week. Now it was just there slightly at night. His sexual energy was good. Once he got furious during sex because the condom he was using was too thick to feel anything, but he expressed the feelings and they soon passed. He wasn't avoiding sex now, but he still worried that he would not completely recover.

We assessed that George had an initially positive response to the remedy and waited. In six weeks he returned and reported a setback for a week after dental work, with some scrotal redness. His stability had returned, however, and now the redness was only occasional. He had intense dreams of fearful, frantic or angry and violent situations during the week after the dental work. He awoke with hypersensitivity of the genitals. He became moody and irritable. He felt that his feelings were directly tied into the symptoms of his genitals. If he suppressed his feelings, the symptoms would appear. In therapy,George recovered a vivid memory of being four years old, and an aunt lowering him onto her hot, red genitals. He felt that this memory directly related to the inflammation he had been experiencing. He also recalled that anger had not been permitted in his family and he had to earn back his mother's approval if he expressed his anger.

Two months later, George returned. He was no longer having any problems with sex, and he did not feel guilty about what had happened with his wife. His scrotum got red briefly once when he had to take on more responsibility at work and give a talk to a large group. He managed his anxiety and the talk went well. His anal itching had returned mildly with some flaking around the opening. He seemed much less anxious about his health. A few applications of calendula cream helped the itching. Some red spots behind the glans had appeared for a day, but now were gone. He had a dream of a woman with a red, peeling penis. Another dream was of a woman telling him not to pick apples.

We assessed that George was much better mentally and emotionally, but he was having mild physical symptoms which were either stress induced or a return of old symptoms.

George continued to do well. He one minor irritation of his penis after sex and one patch of reddish dry skin on his thigh which came and went without treatment. He was proud of the changes in himself. He felt that he had grown a lot in the past year. He felt positive, together, no longer guilt ridden. Her could express his feelings much more easily. His relationship continued to blossom and he felt very good about his sexual life. He began to explore meditation and relaxation techniques to reduce stress at work and grow spiritually.

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About The Author
Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman, ND, DHANP, MSW is a licensed naturopathic physician board certified in homeopathic medicine. She graduated with a degree in ...more
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