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 Homeopathy: Healing With Homeopathy - A Case of Febrile Seizures 

Sammie's sleep was disturbed and restless (3).. His mother slept in the same room with him,and reported that he awakened frequently and wanted to be carried. She was afraid that he would have seizures during the night if his fever got too high. He tended to uncover himself in bed. Sammie achieved the normal developmental milestones and there was no signi-ficant family medical history.

That is the case. Study it and when you have decided on your prescription, turn to page ____ for the discussion and follow-up.

Sammie was given a single dose of Cina 200c. He was not seen for nine months after this initial prescription. On follow-up at at that time, his mother reported that he was completely well within 3 days of the remedy and suffered from no more febrile seizures or colds for seven months. At that time, he had two seizures during an URI and was treated by the original homeopath. The mother had not attibuted his long-term improve- ment to the Cina, because she had not brought Sammie in for adequate follow-up visits as recommended.

At this point we gave Sammie another dose of Cina 200C. We assessed that the first dose of Cina had lasted for seven months, then he had relapsed. His mother reported that he had had no seizures after the second dose of Cina. After the remedy, a cough appeared for one day. His bowel movements, which had been loose, firmed up. His sleep was much less restless, for 3 weeks, then a little restless again in the last week. He crawled on his hands and knees in his sleep once, a typical Cina symptom. He had fears of monsters and bad guys for a few days after the remedy.

He was a lot less demanding and less dependent. He would play by himself more. He had not had any colds, even though he had been exposed. He still talked and occasionally screamed in his sleep. He woke between 2 and 4 A.M. He would sleep with covers now. He drooled in his sleep. He had a desire for vegetables and oranges and was averse sausage. He had a fever of 100.8 once one month after the second dose of Cina, but no seizures.

At this follow-up it appeared that the Cina had definitely worked. He had some emotional aggravation and a slight cough, then improved dramatically, with no further seizures. While on vacation one month later, his mother gave him one more dose of the Cina prophylactically. We would not have advised her to do this, since he had received the previous dose only one month before. Giving two doses so closely can, at times, cause a disruption in the homeopathic treatment. It doesn't seem to have interfered in this case. He continued to do well, and now, one year after the original prescription, he has had no more seizures and only an occasional cold. The boring in his ears is much less and his temperament has improved markedly. He is no longer obstinate and has no temper tantrums. He has learned to say "please" and is much less demanding.

Sammie's case brings out several key points of the remedy Cina (worm-seed). Cina children (and it is pre-eminently a children's remedy)are cross, obstinate and willful. They like to be carried and are very demanding. If they are given what they ask for, they sometimes throw it away, like children needing homeopathic Chamomilla. Cina children are also prone to sleep disturbances, scream in their sleep and have nightmares (commonly called night terrors among homeopaths). Children needing Cina are prone to colds and severe, spasmodic coughs. Cina can be an effective remedy for whooping cough in some children. Cina is indicated in high fevers when the child has a clear tongue. They often have ear problems, like Chamomilla, and tend to bore in their ears, as Sammie did. They also inveterately rub, pick and bore into their noses. Cina children can have worms, and Cina has also been used herbally for worms.

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Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman ND, MSWJudyth Reichenberg-Ullman, ND, DHANP, MSW is a licensed naturopathic physician board certified in homeopathic medicine. She graduated with a degree in ...more
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