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Healing Headaches without Aspirin

© Lauri M. Aesoph ND

If your headache has come on recently, is accompanied by other symptoms like a stiff neck, fever, vomiting, dizziness or loss of hearing, includes pain in a specific area of the head like the jaw or behind the eyes, or appears after an accident (especially head injury) visit your doctor. Frequent or prolonged headaches also need attention.

Taking Care of Headache Pain
If while digging for the root cause to your headaches, you get a headache, one of the following natural pain killers might help.


Black Willow: This plant contains aspirin-like compounds. Like aspirin it's good for pain, inflammation and fever

Cayenne: This member of the hot pepper family has traditionally been used to control pain. It does this by depleting substance P in your sensory nerves

Passion Flower: The combination of spasm relieving, sedative and pain reducing qualities of this herb make it help for headaches, especially due to stress

Homeopathic remedies taken acutely for mild to moderate pain are a temporary cure. They safely eliminate pain, but don't solve the long-term problem. Change remedies if your symptoms change. If you have a hard time choosing a remedy, use the most prominent symptoms as your guide. If you're currently under homeopathic care, consult with your practitioner before taking any other remedy.

Belladonna: Favored in fever headaches, this remedy suits pain that begins suddenly, is severe and throbbing, and feels better sitting. Cold feet and hands, a hot face, and sensitivity to smell, noise, touch, light or movement point to Belladonna.

Bryonia: If slight movement makes your head pound noticeably more, then Bryonia may help. The steady ache and fullness of this headache often appears upon waking. Nausea, vomiting, constipation, irritability, left eye pain and a desire to be alone are typical of Bryonia.
Nux vomica: Think of a hangover for this remedy. Anytime your headache begins because of too much alcohol, coffee, drugs, work or food, Nux vomica may help. This headache includes a general ill feeling with various digestive complaints. Warmth feel good, sound, motion and lying on the painful side hurt.

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