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 Homeopathy: Headaches 

Sanguinaria headaches typically begin in the back of the head but extend to and soon settle over the right eye or in the right side of the head. Right-sided headaches are covered by other medicines (Iris and Gelsemium, for instance) but Sanguinaria is especially noted for this symptom. The pain is sharp, splitting, knifelike, and sometimes throbbing. Once again, nausea and vomiting occur at the height of the pain, but unlike Iris headaches, those of Sanguinaria are relieved after vomiting. Motion aggravates the pain, whereas sleep and firm pressure relieve it. Like Iris, Sanguinaria suits headaches that recur in a consistent pattern, such as every seven days. Homeopathic reference texts do not mention Sanguinaria in connection with visual disturbances. However, if you have a classic, visual-aura migraine headache that also has the symptoms just mentioned, we certainly recommend that you use this medicine.

The headaches that need Spigelia have stitching, burning, and pulsating pains, usually on the frontal part of the head and often on the left side. Lying with the head propped up makes the pains better; stooping, motion, noise, and cold stormy weather make them worse. Washing with cold water can feel good, but the pain is usually worse after you finish. In general, the head pains are made worse by warmth and temporarily better by cold (for other pain symptoms of Spigelia the reverse is true). A stiff neck and shoulders accompany the headache and make motion very painful. The person may also experience severe pain in and around the eyes and extending deep into the sockets.

Beyond Home Care

Get Medical Care Immediately:

  • for any very severe headache, particularly if it is unusual for you;
  • for headache accompanied by stiff neck or high fever;
  • for any headache that occurs after a head injury.

    Get Medical Care Today:

  • the first time you have a headache preceded or accompanied by visual disturbances, weakness of one side or part of the body, speech disorders, or dizziness. If you have had these symptoms previously, but their pattern has changed significantly, call or see your practitioner;
  • for a headache lasting more than three or four days, even if mild (a call to your doctor may suffice);
  • if a headache begins while you're taking medicine, including birth control pills.

    See Your Practitioner Soon:

  • for headaches that recur frequently, even if mild;
  • for headaches that are consistently worse in the morning or upon waking.

    How Do I Learn More About Homeopathy?

    The best source of homeopathic books, tapes, home medicine kits, and software is:
    Homeopathic Educational Services
    2124B Kittredge St.
    Berkeley, CA. 94704
    (510)649-1955 (fax)

    Dana Ullman, M.P.H. is one of America's leading educators on homeopathic medicine. He has authored Discovering Homeopathy, Homeopathic Medicine for Children and Infants, The One-Minute (or so) Healer and co-authored Everybody's Guide to Homeopathic Medicines. Dana is the formulator of the Medicine From Nature line of homeopathic products. He is also the Director of Homeopathic Educational Services, a leading resource of homeopathic books, tapes, medicines, and software in Berkeley, California. Dana's newest book is The Consumer's Guide to Homeopathy.

  • (Excerpted from Everybody's Guide to Homeopathic Medicine ISBN: 0874776414)
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     About The Author
    Dana Ullman, MPHDANA ULLMAN, MPH, is one of America's leading advocates for homeopathy. He has authored 10 books, including ...more
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