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 Integrative Medicine: Headache  

Large Intestine 4 relaxes tension in the head. It is especially comforting to a child with a frontal headache.

Neck and Shoulder Release will unkink and relax the muscles most often tight and tense during a headache.

When your child has a headache, rub the two muscles that run along the spine to help him relax.

General Recommendations
Encourage your child to lie down in a darkened, quiet room.

Put a cool washcloth on his forehead.

A tension headache may get better on its own when you give your child the time and attention he needs to express his concerns. Be loving and supportive.

A very important and effective course of action for a child who suffers from migraines is to learn a relaxation exercise. As soon as the sensation of the headache appears, he can begin a relaxation or visualization exercise. This can relax the blood vessels and prevent the development of a full-blown headache.

Give your child chamomile tea for its calming, relaxing effect.

Rub Tiger Balm into your child's temples.

Choose a symptom-specific homeopathic remedy.

Use acupressure.

A back rub or foot rub can help release tension and make a tense or upset child feel cared for and nurtured.

For a child whose headache is related to constipation, give an Epsom salts bath. The salts will increase circulation and help relax tension. A bowel movement will usually occur an hour or two after the bath.

If headaches are due to a structural stress, chiropractic work may be helpful.

Some children tend to get tense, depressed, or overwhelmed. By carefully observing and responding to your child's needs, you can help him deal with emotional and physical stresses and perhaps avert tension headaches.

To help a child release the tensions of the day, give him a warm herbal bath and a loving massage before bed. Encourage him to talk about the day, express concerns or anxieties, and ask for help.

Offer three good meals every day and have healthy snacks on hand. Avoid sugars, fried foods, and heavy fats. Eliminate any foods that have been shown by experience to trigger a headache.

Do not expose children to cigarette smoke.

Explore meditation or relaxation techniques with your child. Massage or chiropractic adjustment may also help.

A variety of different drugs may be recommended as preventives for a child who suffers recurring migraines. These include beta-blockers (propranolol [Inderal] is one of the most popular of these), calcium-channel blockers, and low-dose antidepressants, among others. All of these are powerful medications that can have serious side effects, and should be used with caution, if at all.

(Excerpted from Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child ISBN: 1583331395)
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