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erbal Medicine

© David L. Hoffmann BSc (Hons), MNIMH

Presence of calculi in the gallbladder (Cholelithiasis) or the biliary duct(choledocholithiasis).

Many factors appear to influence the development of gallstones, from sex to racial group, but fundamental causes are not understood. Diet contributes to the major type of stone in that they are made primarily of cholesterol.

Actions indicated for the processes behind this disease:
Anti-lithics are plants with a long tradition of use in easing the pain, moving or even dissolving gall-stones.
Hepatic tonics will support the work of the liver and so have a positive metabolic effect through the make up of the bile.
Anti-spasmodics may help ease the colic in the gallbladder or ducts.
Nervines help ease the strain from the pain and general worry.
"Eliminative support" must be given to help the body as a whole deal with the systemic problems that ensue from the digestive repercussions as well as the pain induced stress.
Alteratives/Tonics will support the body as a whole in its healing work.
Anti-microbials will be helpful as surface immune support even if there is no infection present.
Caution: Bitters and strong cholagogues are contra-indicated because they increase the strength of muscle contraction.

Specific Remedies:
The anti-lithics will be useful here but are not specifics as such.

One possible prescription

Wild Yam - 2 parts
Boldo - 2 parts
Valerian - 2 parts
Balmony - 1 part
Black Root - 1 part
Fringe Tree Bark- 1 part to 5 ml taken three times a day.

An infusion of a carminative, anti-spasmodic, nervine should be taken regularly throughout the day. Chamomile is an excellent example.

Broader Context of Treatment
Diet and stress management are crucial. Chemical pain relief may be indicated in the severe cases.

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About The Author
Whilst working in conservation and lecturing in ecology and the eco-crisis for the University of Wales, David Hoffman became convinced that to heal the world, to embrace planetary wholeness and responsibility for it with hope, he as an individual had to be whole within himself....more
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