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 Alternative and Complementary Therapies: Five Steps to Selecting the Best Alternative Medicine  
Michael Morton Alan PhD, Mary Morton ©

Also, you need to know the key strategies to make the most of your meeting. Here are some examples:

  • Be courteous, comfortable and frank during your meeting
  • Describe clearly what you know about your condition
  • Share what you have learned about treatment options
  • Respond honestly yet courteously to the provider's recommendations, especially if you disagree.
  • Pace the interview and remember to listen.
  • Keep the details straight. Taking notes or bringing a tape recorder can help.
  • Use your intuition as well as you mind when sizing up this professional.

    This step requires that you make the effort and take the time to visit a health care provider. Sometimes you will also have to pay a small fee for the provider's time. You'll find, however, that the effort, time and money in a productive interview is a good investment in your health.

    Step Five: Forming a Partnership

    Maximize your healing potential by developing an active alliance with your alternative health care provider.

    A health care professional as a "partner" may be a new concept for you. As a result, you may feel like your are making up the rules as you go along. For the most part you will be.

    In order to have the best results from such a partnership, it is important to bring "The Four Cornerstones To All Good Health Care Relationships." into this special relationship. These cornerstones will help you form a relationship that will benefit both you and your health care provider. They are:

    1. Mutual respect and caring
    2. Honest communication
    3. A shared commitment to healing
    4. A treatment contract

    To ensure that your health care partnership produces the results you want, use "The Four Action Steps for Forming A Successful Health Care Partnership." They are:

    1. Be responsible for agreeing to, monitoring, and evaluating the treatments you receive
    2. Negotiate a "health care contract" with your provider
    3. Support your healing physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually
    4. Practice balancing flexibility with inflexibility

    For more details on "The Four Cornerstones" and "The Four Action Steps" and other valuable health care partnership information refer to Chapter 5 of Five Steps To Selecting The Best Alternative Medicine.

    By forming a health care partnership you join an ever growing number of health care consumers who have empowered themselves by taking control of their health care destiny. Keep in mind that your goal is to have a beneficial alliance with a health care professional so you can get healthy. Remember to keep the concept of getting health as your main objective.

  • (Excerpted from Five Steps to Selecting the Best Alternative Medicine ISBN: 1880032945)
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