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 Homeopathy: Earaches 

Many of these medicines share similar symptoms. For example, Silica, Hepar sulph., and Mercurius are all equally indicated by the presence of painfully swollen lymph nodes in the head and neck that commonly occur with ear infections. If no medicine is strongly indicated, start with either Pulsatilla, if the child is more clingy than usual, or Hepar, if the child is somewhat irritable or severe pain is the predominant feature of the illness.

Casetaking Questions for Earaches

Character of the symptoms:

  • Does the pain extend into the throat, neck, or behind the ear? D
  • escribe the color and consistency of any discharge from the ear.


  • At what time of day is the pain at its worst?
  • Is the ear tender or sensitive to touch?
  • How does heat and cold affect the pain?
  • How is the pain affected by stooping or bending over, motion in general, and lying down? Does it help to lie on the affected ear?
  • Does swallowing make the pain worse?

    Other symptoms:

  • What is the color and consistency of any nasal discharge?
  • Is perspiration or salivation increased? (See the appropriate articles if the earache is accompanied by runny nose, cough, sore throat, or any other symptoms.)

    Remedy Summary for Earaches
    Give the medicine: every 3-6 hours for 2-3 days, stopping when there is definite improvement; repeat when symptoms begin to get worse again, or if no further improvement has occurred after twelve hours. When to try another medicine: if there is no significant improvement after 12-24 hours



  • Earache beginning suddenly with intense pain, with few prior symptoms of a cold (no thick or colored nasal discharge) Confirmatory symptoms
  • Bright red outer ear, ear canal, or eardrum without pus formation
  • Accompanied by sudden high fever (see chapter 3)
  • Ear pain extending down into the neck, or accompanied by sore throat or facial pain.

    Ferrum phos.


  • Early stages of earaches before pus has formed; symptoms similar to Belladonna but not as sudden or severe
  • Alternatively, give if Belladonna seems indicated but hasn’t helped.

    Hepar sulph.


  • Sharp, severe earache
  • Earache accompanied by thick, colored discharge from nose or ears
  • Irritability Confirmatory symptoms
  • Chilliness and aversion to the cold or uncovering; desire for warmth
  • Earache worse in cold or open air or from cold applications better from warmth; worse at night



  • Mild disposition; craves affection and physical contact
  • Yellow to green thick discharge from the nose or ears Confirmatory symptoms
  • Ear pain worse at night and in a warm room.
  • Worse in general from warmth, wants fresh air
  • Little or no thirst



  • Extreme irritability; the child screams and cries angrily, doesn't want to be touched or comforted, and may strike out
  • Severe ear pain Confirmatory symptoms
  • The child calms down when carried
  • Earaches during teething
  • Symptoms are worse when stooping or bending over and improved by warmth or being wrapped in warm covers
  • Clear nasal discharge, usually of watery consistency
  • (Excerpted from Everybody's Guide to Homeopathic Medicine ISBN: 0874776414)
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