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Which of the following in NOT a direct benefit of a regular walking regimen?
Reduce Stress
Improved immune function
Achieving ideal weight.
Improved sugar metabolism

 The Spiritual Journey: Divine Discontent 

You might be confused about this urge to go higher, believing you are supposed to give up your passions and be "spiritual." But transcendence isn't leaving life; it is living life more abundantly, more expressive of your rich potential! Mythologist Joseph Campbell said that trancendence is learning to "follow our bliss" with wholehearted participation in the rapture of being alive. When we begin to suffocate in our polluted environment and stale beliefs, we intuitively seek spiritual sustenance, love, commitment to a higher purpose. We need these reminders to transcend our unfulfilling, dualistic ways.

And when we try to rise above something we've not full, accepted and integrated, the very Law of Transcendence itself will bring us right back, as though to say: "Stay put until you get it right! This current task is your highest pleasure."

The Law of Transcendence does not command you to leave life, to Amply rise above it; it prompts you to live your life more abundantly, more expressive of your full potential. This has always been misunderstood. Transcendence is easily misunderstood.

Carl Jung warns that we humans have a strange and paradoxical resistance to knowing fully who we are. So from the very start, it seems we must embrace this inherent conflicting nature of ours: both the one who remains unattached and above it all, and the one who enters and takes the ride:

The only thing that really matters now is whether man can climb up to a...higher plane of consciousness.... Unfortunate/y, a terrifying ignorance prevails in this respect, and an equally great aversion to increasing the knowledge of his intrinsic nature. (Jung, 1973: para. 746)

The Cry for Transcendence
Now, because of splits within our nature, we are people in desperation, searching for a new vision and hoping for a future we can believe in. Yet this new life will not be found outside us anywhere. We must resolve our seemingly endless search for the passionate and sacred from within ourselves, being reborn in Truth through an opening in the collective unconscious mind. Only in the vastness of the psyche's larger life are ideals spawned and does creativity flourish in unimagined potential. As co-creators we are restless now, wanting to find a new feeding ground and make a way of life that befits our deeper urges. We are starving for the kind of food that nourishes both our human and spiritual nature; therefore, though many of us would like to,

We cannot just go out and save the world; we must first save the psyche who images the world!

(Excerpted from Embodying Spirit: Coming Alive with Meaning and Purpose ISBN: 0062552783)
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