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 Homeopathy: Diarrhea 

The information provided here is not only applicable to children but to most people with diarrhea.


Chronic or persistent diarrhea could create dehydration in infants and children and lead to serious health problems. Encourage fluid intake as long as diarrhea continues. Long-lasting or recurrent diarrhea should receive medical supervision, and homeopathic constitutional care should be sought concurrently.

AETHUSA: When children are unable to digest milk, leading to colic, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting, this remedy should be considered. The children regurgitate the milk and other food within one hour of eating or drinking, sometimes with violent or projectile vomiting. The vomitus usually contains yellow or green curds. The infant or child sweats, feels very weak, and becomes very restless, anxious, and weepy.

ARSENICUM: When children have symptoms of food poisoning or stomach flu, this remedy should be the first considered. These children experience frequent attacks of offensive smelling diarrhea. There is usually some pain during the diarrhea and some discomfort afterwards. The children tend to be tired and weak, yet also tend to be restless, feeling uncomfortable being in one position for too long. Various digestive symptoms accompany the diarrhea. Vomiting starts in the middle of the night. They may feel burning in their abdomen and will have burning stools which irritate the anus. Despite their burning symptoms, they are chilly, especially their hands and feet, and are aggravated by cold. Warmth and warm drinks provide temporary relief. These children are thirsty but only for sips of water at a time.

CALCAREA CARB: This remedy is particularly common for infants, especially during teething. These children usually have sour stools and similarly sour body odor, sweat, and vomit. They have pale stools that lack bile pigment. They crave eggs, especially soft-boiled, carbohydrates, ice cream, sweets, and salt. They may even crave indigestible items like dirt and chalk. They also desire ice drinks ("the colder, the better"). They are usually averse to hot foods, slimy foods, and mixed foods such as casseroles. They may dislike milk and may be allergic to it, leading to constipation, diarrhea, indigestion, or some other problem.

CHAMOMILLA: Chamomilla is one of the most common remedies for infants who have foul-smelling diarrhea and who are highly irritable. These infants tend to have green diarrhea with undigested food. They tend to have distension of their abdomen. The passing of gas does not ameliorate gas pains, and their abdomen is very sensitive to touch. These children double up, kick, and scream and may become covered in a cold sweat. They experience some relief from external heat. It is commonly given to infants who have diarrhea during teething.

Cinchona: When children experience a painless though debilitating diarrhea, this remedy should be considered. The diarrhea tends to be worse at night and may even be expelled without warning. Typically, their belly is so distended that it may be as tight as a drum. This distention is accompanied by sour and loud belchings which do not provide any relief.

Colocynthis: These children have sharp cramping pains with diarrhea shortly after eating or drinking anything. The pains are relieved by the passing of gas, passing a stool, or bending over. They have frequent urging for a stool.

(Excerpted from Homeopathic Medicines for Children and Infants ISBN: 0874776929)
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