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How many people each year suffer some type of preventable harm that contributes to their death after a hospital visit?
from 46,000 to 78,000
from 78,000 to 132,000
from 132,000 to 210,000
from 210,000 to 440,000

 Herbal Medicine: Deficiency Syndromes Herbs and Herbal Tonic Formulas 
Sha shen        Glehnia rt            lu, ki       pain, edema, colds, pathogenic heatXi       
                                                   yang shen                                   
American*       Panax quinquefolium   lu, st       dry cough with deficiency heat, weakness    
ginseng         rt                                 due to stress, sugar addiction              
Tian men dong*  Asparagus rt (A.      lu, ki       cough with fatigue, weakness, neurasthenia  
Mai men dong    Ophiopogon rt         lu, st, ht   coughs, thirst, lung weakness with          
                                                   general fatigue, constipation, blood        
                                                   sugar irregularity                          
Shi hu          Dendrobium hb         st, lu, ki   thirst, fevers, weakness due to sexual      
                                                   excess, low back pain, weak knees           
Bai he          Lilium bulb           lu, ht       low-grade fever, restlessness,              
                                                   sleeplessness, heart palpitations           
Shang ji sheng  Loranthus rm          li, ki       uterine bleeding during pregnancy,          
                                                   restless fetus, dry skin, brittle hair,     
                                                   weak bones                                  
Han lian cao*   Eclipta hb            li, ki       dizziness, vertigo, graying of hair,        
                                                   excessive menstrual bleeding                
Nu zhen zi*     Ligustrum fr          li, ki       fatigue, weakness due to excessive sexual   
                                                   activity, dizziness, tinnitis, spots in     
                                                   front of eyes; common ornamental, widely    
Hei zhi ma*     black sesame sm       li, ki       weakness, severe illness recovery,          
                                                   headaches, menstrual constipation           
Bai mu er*      Tremella fb           lu, st, ki   dryness, lung heat conditions, dry cough,   
                                                   scanty menstruation, low semen output       
Yams*           baked, sliced, dried  lu, sp, ki   yin deficiency, fatigue, poor digestion     
Yang Tonics
Symptoms: same as under yin tonics, but with a feeling of coldness, avoidance of cold and low sex drive.
Dong chong    Cordyceps fb           lu, ki        impotence, spermatorrhea, general            
xia cao                                            weakness, TB                                 
Yi zhi ren*   Alpinia fr             sp, ki        frequent urination, spermatorrhea,           
                                                   deficiency diarrhea                          
Du zhong      Eucommia cx            li, ki        fatigue, spermatorrhea, frequent             
                                                   urination, high blood pressure               
Tu si zi*     Cuscuta sm (dodder     li, ki        impotence, nocturnal emission, premature     
              seed)                                ejaculation, frequent urination,             
                                                   dizziness, blurred vision, threatened        
                                                   miscarriage* **the herb is weaker, but       
Xu dan*       Dipsacum rx (teasel    li, ki        strengthens bones, sinews, painful           
              root)                                menstruation, slows uterine bleeding,        
                                                   calms the fetus, deficient uterine           
                                                   bleeding, candida vaginitis **widely         
                                                   available--commonly naturalized              
Gou ji        Cibotium rz            li, ki        incontinence, vaginal candidiasis, pain,     
                                                   soreness, numbness                           
Hu lu ba*     fenugreek sm           ki, li        coldness, hernia, abdominal pain             
Hu tao ren*   white walnut           ki, lu        coldness, spermatorrhea, frequent            
                                                   urination, fatigue, chronic cough,           
                                                   wheezing from deficient lung Qi,             
                                                   constipation in the elderly, after           
                                                   pathogenic heat illness     
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 About The Author
Christopher Hobbs LAc, AHG Christopher Hobbs is a fourth generation herbalist and botanist with over 30 years experience with herbs. Founder of Native Herb Custom Extracts (now Rainbow Light Custom Extracts) and the Institute for Natural Products......more
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