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ntegrative Medicine

Sulphur is for the child who often experiences anal itching and irritation, and typically has an unsuccessful urge to have a bowel movement. This child hates having a bowel movement and often holds back, because he is afraid the passing will cause pain. His stool is very odorous. Give this child one dose of Sulphur 30x or 9c, twice daily, for two or three days.

For the locations of acupressure points on a child's body, see Administering an Acupressure Treatment.

Large Intestine 11 helps relax the large intestine.

Stomach 36 tones the digestive tract.

Massaging Bladder 20 to 25 along the lower back relaxes the nerves that stimulate the intestine.

General Recommendations
Increase the amount of fiber and fluid in your child's diet.

To encourage normal bowel action, give your child flaxseed tea.

To normalize bowel flora, give your child a lactobacillus supplement.

Select and administer an appropriate homeopathic remedy.

If you feel you must give your child a laxative on occasion, use Maltsupex or psyllium powder.

Enemas have virtually no place in the treatment of constipation in children. The digestive tract is a "one-way street." It was not designed to be flushed from the bottom. Unless your physician prescribes an enema, your child's constipation is better treated in other ways.

An Epsom salts bath is relaxing and increases circulation. Epsom salts contain magnesium sulfate. An hour or two after an Epsom salts bath, a bowel movement will often occur.

Massaging your child's lower abdomen is comforting and helps to get things e moving. Gently massage your child's abdomen, following the natural movement of the intestines. Start in the lower right "corner," move up toward the ribs, over to the left side, and then down toward the pelvis (see margin illustration).

Avoid using aluminum cookware. It is possible that taking in minute traces of aluminum can exacerbate constipation.

Follow the dietary guidelines given in this section. Encourage your child to drink plenty of spring water and other fluids, and eat a high-fiber diet. Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains should figure prominently on the menu.

Encourage your child to be physically active. Limit television watching!

Give your child one dose of Lactobacillus acidophilus or bifidus, once daily, for one month, to maintain friendly flora in the intestines and bowels.

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