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ntegrative Medicine

For the locations of acupressure points on a child's body, see Administering an Acupressure Treatment.

Bladder 11, 12, 13, and 14 dear and balance a distressed respiratory system.

Large Intestine 4 relieves congestion and headaches.

Lung 7 clears upper respiratory tract infections.

General Recommendations
Begin treating your child's cold as soon as you notice the first symptom..

At the first sign that your child may be developing a cold, begin giving her an echinacea and goldenseal combination formula.

Select and administer an appropriate homeopathic remedy.

Most children instinctively sleep and rest when suffering through a cold, thus conserving energy to fight the virus. A cozy bed and an open window bringing in fresh air (when weather permits) usually help. Be sure your child doesn't get chilled.

Encourage your child to drink plenty of liquids, especially chamomile tea, chicken soup, and soup mace with astragalus end vegetables (see Therapeutic Recipes).

Note: Astragalus should not be used in the presence of a fever. If your child has a fever, omit the astragalus root from the recipe.

Use a cool mist humidifier in your child's room. Humidified air may help to thin secretions, helping to break up a cold and easing the discomfort of a congested head. To avoid having a lot of particles in the air, use distilled, demineralized water. Be sure the humidifier is very clean, so that bacteria do not collect and spread through it into the air.

Because babies tend to breathe through their noses, an infant may have particular difficulty breathing with a congested nose. To ease your baby's breathing, use a very small rubber bulb to gently suction out mucus. You can get these at most drug stores.

A nasal saline irrigation, followed by the suctioning out of mucus with a bulb syringe, can be very effective for loosening and removing thick mucus. This is especially important for infants, who may have a hard time getting mucus out of their noses or throats. (See Nasal Saline Flush).

See also Cough; Fever; Sinusitis; or Sore Throat if your child's cold is accompanied by any of these symptoms.

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