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ntegrative Medicine

If your baby has a flushed, red face that feels hot, and has a loud, demanding cry but stops crying for a short time if he is carried, give him Chamomilla 12x, 30x, 9c, or 15c. Dissolve one dose in 8 ounces of spring water and squeeze a few drops into his mouth, three times a day, for two days or until symptoms improve.

Homeopathic colic combination formulas are available that may offer relief for your baby. Follow dosage directions on the product label.

For the locations of acupressure points on a child's body, see Administering an Acupressure Treatment.

Stomach 36 helps to activate the digestive system.

Massaging the points along either side of the spine improves circulation and relaxes the nervous system.

General Recommendations
If you have a colicky baby, try to keep from becoming frantic. Stress and tension- both yours and your baby's-can contribute to colic and make the problem worse. If you feel your frustration is getting out of hand, talk to your health care practitioner. Seek emotional support and counseling. In the midst of an episode of colic-related crying, try one or all of the following suggestions. Some babies respond to one; some (unfortunately) to none.

To help relax muscle cramps and calm your baby, place your infant over your knees or against your chest with a warm water bottle between you and your baby's stomach.

If your baby loves water, try a warm, soothing splash in the bath.

Massage your baby's stomach with a non-alcohol-based lotion or oil. Following the natural path of the intestines, gently rub from the lower right "corner" of the abdomen up across the bottom of the rib cage, down to the lower left "corner," and around again (see margin illustration).

Some babies respond to cuddling and rocking. Many infants will quiet down when being carried around.

Some babies prefer the security of being closely swaddled in a blanket; some prefer loose coverings that permit free movement. Experiment to find what suits your child best.

Babies with sensitive nervous systems may respond better to a decrease in external stimulation. Try soft lighting, less touching, and a quiet atmosphere.

Some babies respond to soft, comforting music; some to recordings of a heartbeat; some to recordings of the sounds they lived with for nine months in the womb, which include both the mother's heartbeat and the steady "whoosh" of mother's blood traveling through her body. Interestingly, the sound of a washing machine often seems to have the same effect.

Vigorous movement distracts some babies with colic. Putting on some lively music and bebopping around with babe in arms may not be your favorite 3:00 A.M. activity, but it's been known to work.

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