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 Health Collections: Childhood Asthma 
Micaela Sullivan-Fowler ©

4) Need the skinny of Asthma and Allergy? Try the "Asthma, Allergy and Pulmonary News on the Net," edited by Ronald J. Sherman, D.O. Offering news, clinical trials, basic information, articles on lung diseases, and hyperlinks to other Web sites- this is one to watch. Catch it at

5) This one appears consistently when searching for sites on asthma. It's a collection of recent articles from the New England Journal of Medicine. Though not limited to childhood asthma- it includes original research reports, editorials, review articles, and correspondence. Check it periodically, at

6) There's a important book called Assessment of Quality of Life in Childhood Asthma -by editors M. Christie and D. French. A description and review can be found at This 1995 British volume is promoted as being valuable to clinicians, nurses, psychologists, economists and health administrators. Paper: ISBN 3-7186-5708-2

7) A review of acupuncture in the treatment of childhood asthma can be found in J.H.Chen and K.A. Jobst's Childhood asthma: traditional Chinese medicine. Comp Med Ther Med 2:138-139, 1994 Find it at:

8) Here are two on homeopathy's relationship to the treatment of asthma (though not always specifically to children). Naturopathic physician, Emily Kane has an overview of homeopathic remedies and visualization techniques for asthma. There is also a nice overview of asthma in general, with complementary medicine highlights.

9) "Children's Asthma Management Program Reduces Costs" so reads a headline from Melville, N.Y., .-Nov. 5, 1996, found at It refers to the Olsten Kimberly QualityCare Study that quantified the cost savings of a home-taught pediatric asthma management program. Such a program can lead to savings of over $11,500 per patient, as well as decreased incidences and severity of asthma attacks, according to an 18-month national survey. The PSL Group has an excellent offspring called "Doctor's Guide to the Internet," at It has a News feature, with has a list of specialties, in this case, Pulmonology, that refers to various news stories on asthma. Specifically, from 2/27/97 the 1997 Asthma Guidelines are available in abbreviated form. Check it periodically for news related to allergy and asthma.

The Real Clinical Stuff:
The following search on childhood asthma was performed in Medline. The original return of bibliographic citations was 190. Included are 10 selected bibliographic citations and abstracts regarding the diagnosis and treatment of childhood asthma from 1995-1996. They are listed in reverse chronological order. The "Source" is the journal abbreviation. For the document delivery referred to on the Cybrarian Service: 1) take these citations and go to a local library for copies of the articles, or 2) go into HealthGate at ( with the NLM Cit. ID (see below) and order copies of the articles. Any questions about what you've received? Don't hesitate to E-Mail Cybrarian.

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