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High blood pressure

 Chelation Therapy: Case Histories (by Simon Martin)  

Catherine not only came across as a morose person, but looked ill, with a yellow/gray complexion. That was to clear by her fourteenth infusion, so that she looked totally normal. Much more satisfying ­ and quicker ­ was the fact that she had not a single collapse since her first infusion ­ a remarkable result.

The Doppler scans showed how her cranial circulation improved and she was so much happier in her outlook. And, said James Kavanagh with the 'before' and 'after' reports to hand: 'As with many cases, the kidney function improves with chelation treatment and this can assist well­being'

The sound­wave scans are a popular, non­invasive tool. 'Around 75 per cent of people attending the Clinic come only for the Doppler exam, said Kavanagh. 'Some exhibit a moderate/ severe stroke risk'

A lady we'll call Janice, aged 55, came into this category. She had already used surgery and the Gerson cancer therapy to deal successfully with three malignant melanomas three years before. Now the Doppler showed problems in her carotid arteries; follow­up tests showed the cause to be her high cholesterol level. Without effective preventive treatment she was a candidate for a sudden and severe loss of blood supply to the brain.

Janice has started a course of chelation confident that she can successfully rid her arteries of plaque and improve her health.

Eye improvement

FD, 67­year­old man. Rapid left eyesight degeneration over previous six months. This was said to be avascular, that is, in an area not reached by the bloodstream, and so untreatable by chelation.

But FD had been so astonished by his wife's health changes hat he decided to try treatment himself, on the basis that all deposits and their dispersal, plus nerve regeneration depend on good blood supply ­ and chelation would help bring that about

Last report was that the deterioration seemed to have halted. A prominent eye specialist is reviewing the case.

Arthritis subsides

HW, 60­year­old woman. Despite operations for relief of obstructions in the blood supply of her legs she had been in constant pain for many years. After the second infusion, she was able to spend most of the day on her feet without pain. Useful side­effects included the disappearance of varicose veins in her leg and an almost 1/4 inch (7mm), six­year­old vein on her wrist.

A severe arterial thumping sound in the area of her ear became less noisy. Arthritis of her knuckles subsided to such an extent that she is now able to exert her full grip instead of being able to close her hand only partially.

After a stroke

KB, 57­year­old woman. Stroke nine years previously had left her with considerable paralysis still on her right side. The Doppler sound scan showed an impaired blood flow in the carotid arteries at the neck, and this was corrected with six infusions.

With this restored blood supply, nerve regeneration becomes possible and she was recommended to start physiotherapy.

Record run

AP, 40­year­old man. Previous investigations of his heart involved catheterization, passing a tube into the heart to try to find out what is going on. This apparently revealed severe 'blockages' and he had been offered bypass surgery.

During chelation his chest pains gradually abated and he finally proved he was 100 per cent fit in great style: following his twelfth infusion he ran, complete with overcoat and overnight bag, via two underground trains to catch a train at Victoria station within 14 minutes of leaving the Clinic. It was 'an amazing performance', say staff. He arrived puffed, but without pain.

Mucus problem clears ­ after 30 years

SK, 58­year­old man. There was a gradual improvement in his angina after the fourth infusion, and there were valuable sideeffects. His eyesight improved and, most surprisingly, after only the second infusion a serious nasal mucus discharge ceased. This had been going on for 30 years, since he had received a blow on the head.

The Doppler readings on his carotid arteries support his own reports of progress and he is now completely free of all drugs.

Never too late?

TS, 82­year­old woman. She could only walk one block due to intermittent claudication. She had coeliac disease (allergy to gluten, the protein found in wheat) and severe potassium loss. Her kidney function was impaired and as a result she had to be given only a half­dosage of EDTA for the first five sessions ­ long enough for this to improve.

Her kidneys now perform better and she walks double the distance. Just as delightful to the Clinic staff, she recovered her sparkling personality and outgoing nature, 'suspected but not seen before to such an entertaining degree'.

IB, 72­year­old woman. Angina and intermittent claudication disappeared after eight treatments despite extreme cold weather in London after the warmth of her native Trinidad. She spent most of her days visiting and shopping in London, rather than resting. Eyesight problems of occasional black 'floaters' stopped after the second infusion.

Avoiding the bypass

RB, 40­year­old man. Crushed by angina, although suffering only occasional attacks, he was offered a coronary bypass operation. An athletics coach, and aware of the benefits of treating the whole body rather than isolated parts, he opted for chelation.

Residual angina proved to have gone after no further pains occurred for two weeks following the fourteenth infusion.

Putting back the sparkle

BP, 55­year­old woman. Her ankles were swollen after only little walking. She was overweight although she ate very little and felt generally 'two degrees under', with lack of energy.

The Doppler test showed only slight abnormalities in cerebral arteries. Following ten infusions, the water retention in her ankles cleared up. She has lost one and a half stones (9.5kg) and has regained a real sparkle to herself, much remarked on by friends.

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