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Breathing Quiz
Which of the following health conditions is not directly benefited by breathing exercises?
ntegrative Medicine
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

© Janet Zand LAc, OMD

Figure 3.6 Locating the Spot for Compressions on a Child
Place your middle finger where the ribs and sternum meet; place your index finger next to it. Then place the heel of your hand above the spot where your index finger was.

11. Perform cycles of chest compressions and respirations. For a child over one year, give 20 breaths per minute (1 breath every 3 seconds) and 100 compressions per minute. A complete cycle consists of 5 chest compressions followed by 1 breath. Count aloud to help you maintain a steady rhythm: One one-thousand, two one-thousand, three one-thousand, four one-thousand, and BREATH, and so on.

12. After giving CPR for one minute, check your child's carotid pulse again. If you feel a pulse, stop doing chest compressions and check for breathing. If there is no pulse, continue performing CPR. Con- tinue to check for a pulse and breathing every few minutes, until emergency medical help arrives. Do not stop CPR until your child starts breathing on his own, or someone else can take over for you, or emergency help arrives.

13. If your child begins breathing on his own, discontinue CPR. Once pulse and breathing have been restored and the immediate crisis is over, check and treat your child for bleeding, broken bones, or any other injury or problem he might have.

From Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child by Janet Zand, N.D., L.Ac., Robert Rountree, MD, Rachel Walton, RN, ©1994. Published by Avery Publishing, New York. For personal use only; neither the digital nor printed copy may be copied or sold. Reproduced by permission.

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JANET ZAND, O.M.D., L.Ac. is a nationally respected author, lecturer, practitioner and herbal products formulator whose work has helped thousands of people achieve better health....more
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