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aturopathic Medicine
Breast Milk: The Perfect Food

© Lauri M. Aesoph ND

Finally, the babies in this study were fed mother's milk through special tubes because they were unable to suckle. If premature babies were able to obtain milk directly from the mother, it's not unreasonable to assume that the emotional warmth and closeness of nursing would add to the brain building nutritional qualities of mother's milk.

What's Good for Baby, is Good for Mom

Nursing your baby obviously benefits his health. But what about yours? There are several reasons why, as a mother, you should take advantage of the many pluses of breast feeding.

  1. Physical health. Nursing helps your uterus contract back to normal size.

  2. A healthy self image. For many women, nursing helps them lose their "baby" fat.

  3. Emotional health. Nursing brings you closer to your baby. Because nursing gives you lots of cuddling time with your child,
    it can help you gain confidence as a parent.

  4. Financial health. Nursing is cheaper than formula.

  5. Stress and health. Breast milk is much easier to prepare than formula.

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