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Which of the following health conditions is not directly benefited by breathing exercises?
High blood pressure

 Bio-Energetic Medicine: Basic Explanation of the Electrodermal Screening Test and the Concepts of Bio-Energetic Medicine  

Nosodes are particularly useful in determining many pathological illnesses. For example, if a point responds positively when tested with an Epstein Bar nosode, then that virus, at least in a latent form, is affecting the system associated with that measurement point. When a new virus, bacteria, or any other disease that takes a physical form is discovered, one can easily prepare nosodes for screening and energetic treatment. A nosode, remedy, or combinations, identified by medicine testing can be taken directly, or one can make a "recording" of their vibrational information in pure water or normal saline solution. The effect of original and recorded nosodes is usually very similar, though doctors generally prefer the originals.

One will often find that a medicine that balances one point will balance others as well. It would be optimal to find one medicine that would adequately balance all unbalanced points. Unlike classical homeopathy which emphasizes single remedy treatments however, it is common practice in EDST medicine testing and treatment to combine various homeopathic preparations. Nonetheless, the goal should be to prescribe as few remedies for the patient as possible.

Allergy Testing
One of the most popular and effective uses of medicine testing is allergy testing. The results of EDST allergy testing have been compared to standard diagnostic modalities (RAST, serum IGE, intra-dermal allergy skin testing, food rechallenge testing, and allergy history analysis). EDST medicine testing of allergies was shown to be as accurate and effective as any of these. EDST results were similar to food rechallenge testing, which is widely considered the most effective of the standard methods.

Vegatest Method of Medicine Testing
The Vegetative Reflex Test (VRT) or Vegatest testing method is a form of biological function diagnosis developed by Helmut Schimmel of West Germany. The Vegatest varies from the standard EAV-based EDST in important ways, including device design, measured response range, utilization of fewer measurement points, and richer applications of medicine testing. The Vegatest device includes a signal amplifier called the test point regulator which is inserted between the meter input and the meter itself. Meter sensitivity can then be adjusted such that a normal reading (a mid-scale reading on standard EDSDs) reaches the top of the scale. With this arrangement, small changes in impedance indicating increased resistance at the measurement point will show wider scale reading differences, which greatly increases the device's sensitivity to impedance changes near normal reading values.

In the Vegatest, very few points are used, but a larger repertoire of homeopathic testing solutions are used. Medicine testing is used to determine both the location and cause of imbalances. In general, an entire examination is done using only one point, most often allergy 1, connective tissue degeneration 1, triple warmer 1 right, or triple warmer 1 left. Proponents claim that the Vegatest is just as thorough and dependable as the standard EDST, though much less time-consuming. Drawbacks to the Vegatest system include the cost and space required by the large selection of testing solutions

EAV and Dentistry
In his research, Dr. Voll found that every tooth relates to different organs and tissues within the body. For example, the canine tooth was found to be related to the eye, liver, and gall bladder, and the front teeth to the bladder and reproductive organs. So if, for example, someone were to have a root canal in one of the front teeth, that tooth may affect the ovary or uterus and it may in fact be the underlying problem. It is a two way street in that problems in the organs can affect the teeth, and problems in the teeth can affect the organs. So when dental work is done on specific teeth the underlying organ needs to be supported. EAV also is used before and after the removal of amalgam. Silver fillings in the mouth which are fifty percent mercury are a very great problem. Mercury leaches into all parts of the body from the mouth. Studies have shown that the amount of mercury in the brain of autopsied patients directly correlates to the amount found in the mouth. EAV can be used to screen for heavy metals, including mercury toxicity. It can also be used to check the effect that root canals are having on the corresponding organs. EAV is the best way to find a cavitation or a hole remaining in the bone after removal of a tooth. Cavitations become a focus for problems in corresponding organs. Dr. Voll felt that 80% of all health problems had major causes in the oral cavity. So this means that the dentist is an integral part of the healing process.

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