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 Bio-Energetic Medicine: Basic Explanation of the Electrodermal Screening Test and the Concepts of Bio-Energetic Medicine  

A typical examination with the EDSD begins with the four quadrant measurements (hand to hand, foot to foot, right hand to foot, and left foot to foot) which are measurements of whole-body energy levels. These are followed by a check of the 40 control measurement points (CMPs), one for each of the 40 meridians located on the hands and feet, some of which are traditional and some of which were discovered by Voll. The CMPs show the general condition of everything associated with that meridian, and the 40 hand and foot meridians cover virtually every body part and function, so an examination of 40 CMPs alone offers the doctor a very good overview of a patient's condition. The other points along a meridian are called branch points and are checked if the CMP reading is bad. They offer more specific information than the CMP. For example, the branch points on the two heart meridians include the aortic valve, mitral valve, pulmonary valve, tricuspid valve, conduction system, and coronary arteries. A problem in the coronary arteries would probably affect the circulation CMP and the coronary arteries branch point, but not other points.

Medicine Testing
When a point is located that reads below 50, above 60, or has an ID, various reagents can be tested in a process called medicine testing. In 1945, Reinhold Voll discovered by accident that a medicine placed in contact with a patient's body effects the readings of an electro-dermal screening device (EDSD).

"I diagnosed one colleague as having chronic prostatitis and advised him to take a homeopathic preparation called Echinaceae 4x. He replied that he had this medication in his office and went to get it. When he returned with the bottle of Echinaceae in his hand, I tested the prostate measurement point again and made the discovery that the point reading which previously was up to 90 had decreased to 64, which was an enormous improvement of the prostate value. I had the colleague put the bottle aside and the previous measurement value returned. After holding the medication in his hand the measurement value went down to 64 again, and this pattern repeated itself as often as desired." [Voll: The Phenomenon of Medicine Testing in Electro-acupuncture According to Voll]

While checking branch points can be used to specify more refined locations of the disturbance, medicine testing serves to specify etiology and selection of medications for treatment. Medicine testing is performed on any abnormal points that are not balanced. The doctor's goal is to find one or a combination of reagents that will balance the point, i.e. cause the point tested to exhibit a "good" reading and to not have an ID.

Reagent samples are usually sealed in glass containers. The medicine or biological compound to be tested is placed in the circuit of the EDSD measurement. This can be done by placing it on an aluminum plate or container attached to the negative lead of the EDSD or simply by having the patient hold the sample. All matter, including medicine, has a vibratory signal which is distinct from all other types of matter. This signal enters the patient with the current and reacts with the signals within the patient, often changing the reading. A reagent that balances the reading will probably have a positive effect and can be considered for use as a medicine or dietary supplement. No response implies that the reagent would have no effect, and a worsening response implies a negative effect. For example, pancreas CMP readings of a person with diabetes will become balanced when the proper dose of insulin is placed within the circuit and will show a larger ID if refined sugar is put there. In this way medicines and dosages can be tried out without the medicine actually being ingested. This process can also be used to test for the presence of contaminants and allergies.

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