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 Naturopathic Medicine: Asthma Part 2 

  • Grindelia is the remedy for an abnormal accumulation of mucus, breathing stops when the patient is asleep; emphysema with dilated heart; asthma of old people suffering from bronchitis which causes paralysis of digestive function. This is a good remedy to bring back the appetite, and to reduce heart palpitations associated with breathing difficulties.

  • Hypericum is for asthma which is worse in foggy weather; for when the attacks are relieved by copious expectoration (hawking up of mucus), and profuse perspiration.

  • Ignatia is usually a female remedy, and for asthma aggravated by emotions, by cares and repeated griefs.

  • Ipecacuanha is for a spasmodic form of asthma which presents with the sensation of having a great weight on the chest with anxiety, wheezing, shortness of breath, feeling of suffocation which is worse with movement; this patient has a constant cough causing vomiting; the chest full of phlegm, there is a cold sweat on the hands and feet; for asthma associated with skin diseases.

  • Kali bichromicum is for asthma attacks caused by or following sexual intercourse, especially in the early morning; there is often a characteristic thick, green, ropy nasal or pulmonary discharge.

  • Kali carbonicum is for when the attack comes after midnight; it compels patient to sit giving better relief; this patient is sensitive to changes of temperature and to cold drafts; the patient is irritable, full of fears and imaginations.

  • Kali nitricum is for excessively difficult or painful breathing, and asthma with faintness, nausea with dull stitches, or a burning pain in the chest.

  • Kali phosphoricum is for asthma caused by nerves or anxiety.

  • Kali sulphuricum is given to asthmatics with yellow expectoration, much rattling in chest, labored breathing which makes talking almost impossible.
    NOTE: The above remedies which begin with "Kali" are all characterized by weakness in the patient. Kali means the element Potassium. All the Kali remedies are "cell salts" which means they occur naturally in the body at various concentrations.

    • Lachesis is for asthmatics who are waken up at night from a coughing, wheezing spell; they cough up a thin, watery phlegm, which relieves them. In general Lachesis is a left-sided remedy in which the symptoms are worse during and after sleep.

    • Lobelia inflata is given for tightness of the chest, tickling of the trachea, laborious breathing where the patient needs to keep the mouth open to breathe; there's a tickling under the breast bone on taking a big breath; no cough or expectoration; this patient is worse in the cold; the smell of tobacco fumes is unbearable to this patient.

    • Lycopodium is given for asthma induced by excitement, anger or violent emotion . The patient will flare their nostrils in and out in an attempt to breathe more easily.

    • Medorrhinum may be given in difficult to pinpoint cases; the patient has a choking cough, can't catch their breath. They are better lying flat on their face; they want to be fanned; they claim to feel cold yet throw their covers off; heat, a wet damp draft, thunder storms, daylight makes them worse. They feel better in the evening; their asthma alternates or co-exists with rheumatism.

    • Mephites is for asthma which comes on with drunkenness.

    • Natrum arsenicum for asthma alternating with hives or produced by inhaling coal dust.
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    Emily Kane NDA graduate of Bastyr University in Seattle, she completed both the Naturopathic and Acupuncture/Oriental Medicine programs. Her preceptor work (similar to residencies) took place in Seattle, West Virginia and China,......more
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