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 Naturopathic Medicine: Asthma 

  • Xing Shi Gan Tang); Chuan Bei Jing Pian (patent): Lung Heat: Asthmatic cough with mucus in strong patient, thirst, wheezing, coughing, labored breathing, yellow tongue coat

  • Six Major Herbs (Liu Jun Zi Tang): Spleen Qi Deficiency with Phlegm: poor appetite, bloated abdomen, loose stools, asthma after overeating or after rich food, gurgling with breathing during asthma attack

  • Sheng Mai San; Li Fei (patent): Lung Qi Xu (Deficiency): chronic cough with sparse sputum that is difficult to expectorate, shortness of breath, spontaneous sweating, dry mouth.

  • Ma Huang and Gingko C. (Ding Chuan Tang) (available as patent): Lung Obstructed by Phlegm-Heat: coughing and wheezing with copious thick yellow sputum, labored breathing

  • Phellodendron C.; Li Fei (patent): Lung Yin Xu (Deficiency)

  • Rehmannia Eight F. (Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan) plus Shen Jie San: long-term asthma, more trouble inhaling, skinny, spontaneous sweating, feels cold

  • Rehmannia and Schizandra C. (Du Qi Wan); Qi Guan Yan Ke Sou Tan Chuan Wan (patent): Kidney Yin Xu (Deficiency)

  • Perilla Fruit C. (Su Zi Jiang Qi Tang): Lung Obstructed by Damp-Phlegm with Kidney Failing to Grasp Qi: coughing and wheezing with watery, copious sputum; shortness of breath with labored inhalation and smooth exhalation, white greasy tongue coat

  • Ma Huang and Morus C. (Hua Gai San): Lung Invaded by Wind-Cold: long term treatment, in children; poor appetite, GI distress.

  • Bi Min Gan Wan (patent); Pinellia 16 (patent) plus Xanthium 12 (patent): Asthma due to allergy.

  • Pinellia 16 (patent): Phlegm; plus Gecko A (patent) for Kidney Xu (Deficiency); plus Xanthium 12 (patent) for allergic asthma; plus Cyperus 18 (patent) for anxiety; plus Ginseng 6 (patent) for dryness
    The word "patent" as it appears above refers to the prepared Chinese herbal formulations which are available in pill or tablet form. If there is a "Chinatown" or international district near where you live, you may well be able to find these patent medicines, as well as loose herbs to make into your "soup" therapy.

    Another aspect of TCM is the insertion of ultra fine needles into specific acupoints, to stimulate the vital force (called Qi -- pronounced chee) to flow smoothly and restore balance and optimal functioning to the internal organs, emotions and musculo-skeletal structures. Some of the most important points in controlling asthma lie, naturally, along the Lung meridian, which flows from just under the lateral collarbone, down the arm, and ending on the edge of the thumb nail. The Kidneys are also crucial in lung functioning, according to TCM, because the Kidneys draw down the Qi of the Lung and convert the inhaled air into physical nutrients. Your acupuncturist will likely choose points from the Kidney meridian also. These points run from the bottom of the foot, up the inner leg, across the abdomen and end under the collar bone, just medial to where the Lung merdian begins. Other points may include:

    • Kidney-3 (at the inner ankle) and Lung-5 (in the crease of the elbow) for asthma with difficult inhalation

    • Spleen-4 (along the inner arch of the foot) and Lung-5 for asthma with difficult exhalation

    • Bladder-13 , Bladder-20 (along the spine) and Stomach-36 (a very important poitn just below the knee on the outer leg) for prevention of asthma before seasonal occurence
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     About The Author
    Emily Kane NDA graduate of Bastyr University in Seattle, she completed both the Naturopathic and Acupuncture/Oriental Medicine programs. Her preceptor work (similar to residencies) took place in Seattle, West Virginia and China,......more
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