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aturopathic Medicine

For chronic asthma, mix equal parts of Cramp bark, Mullein, Grindelia, Plantain, Elecampagne, Hyssop and Horsetail tinctures and take 3-5 dropper fulls daily.

How Can Traditional Chinese Medicine Help My Asthma?
One important aspect of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is the vast field of Chinese medicinal herbs, which are brewed together in individualized combinations to form a thick tea, or "soup." Asthma is not a single diagnosis in TCM. There are many "patterns" of disharmony which could produce the symptom of wheezing, shortness of breath, or other manifestations of what we call asthma. Your licensed or certified (through the NCCA) acupuncturist or Oriental Medical doctor (OMD) will first determine your TCM diagnosis, then choose herbs or acupoints accordingly. Some patterns of lung dysfunction to be considered are Lung Deficiency, Kidney Deficiency, Phlegm Heat; Liver Fire Insulting Lung; Wind and Cold in the Lung; Lung Invaded by Wind-Heat; Lung Qi Stagnation; Lung Obstructed by Damp-Phlegm with Spleen Yang Deficiency; dysfunction of the Conception Vessel; Excess of the Yin Linking Vessel. If you really want to understand these diagnostic terms more fully, please consult with a good medical library, or consider enrolling in acupuncture school! TCM is an extremely comprehensive field of medical knowledge, and it would be impossible to give explain it in this essay. After your acupuncturist figures out your diagnosis by asking questions, observing you, looking at your tongue and feeling your pulse, herbal and/or needle therapy would be offered. Chinese herbal formulae which would be considered by your local acupuncturist or Chinese herbalist are:

  • Ma Huang and Apricot Seed C. (Ma Xing Shi Gan Tang): Lung Invaded by Wind-Heat: wheezing, coughing, labored breathing, nasal flaring and pain, yellow tongue coat

  • Licorice and Ma Huang C.: If Ma Huang and Apricot Seed C. is not effective after one or two doses

  • Minor Blue Dragon C. (Xiao Qing Long Tang): Wind-Cold; helps prevent asthma during change of seasons; add apricot seed (xing ren) and poria (fu ling) for chronic asthma with chill/weakness

  • Ma Huang C. (Ma Huang Tang); Ping Chuan Wan (patent): Wind-Cold.

  • Cinnamon C. (Gui Zhi Tang) plus magnolia bark (hou po) and apricot seed (xing ren): Wind-Cold:weak constitution, spontaneous sweating.

  • Ophiopogon C. (Mai Men Dong Tang); Ma Xing Zhi Ke Pian (patent): Wind-Heat.

  • Hoelen and Schizandra C. (Ling Gan Wu Wei Jiang Xin Tang): Lung Obstructed by Damp-Phlegm with Spleen Yang Xu (Deficiency): Delicate constitution, including the elderly; COPD; coughing with profuse sputum that is thin, watery and white with feeling of discomfort in the chest

  • Citrus and Pinellia C. (Er Chen Tang); Su Zi Jiang Qi Wan (patent); Chuan Bei JIng Pian (Fritillaria Essence Tablet) (patent); Pinellia 16 (patent): Lung Obstructed by Damp-Phlegm with Spleen Qi Xu (Deficiency): coughing with copious, white sputum that is easily expectorated,palpitations, nausea or vomiting, dizziness.

  • Minor Bupleurum F. (Xiao Chai Hu Tang) plus Pinellia and Magnolia C. (Ban Xia Hou Po Tang); Chuan Bei Jing Pian (patent): Liver Invading Spleen with Liver Qi Stagnation: pediatric cough/asthma; to improve general condition and prevent recurrence in strong constitution: use for at least one year

  • Ma Huang and Magnolia C. (Shen Mi Tang): Liver Qi Stagnation: dyspnea, wheezing, unproductive cough with uncomfortable sensation in chest, difficult breathing especially when lying down; pediatric asthma
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A graduate of Bastyr University in Seattle, she completed both the Naturopathic and Acupuncture/Oriental Medicine programs. Her preceptor work (similar to residencies) took place in Seattle, West Virginia and China, with emphasis on gynecology, counseling, herbal medicine and naturopathic manipulation...more
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