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Antioxidants Quiz
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Aromatherapy for the Reproductive System

© Mindy Green, Kathi Keville

Prostate Oil
5 drops lavender
3 drops pine
3 drops German chamomile
1 ounce calendula oil

Mix oils and apply to the area near the prostate twice daily to help reduce inflammation.

Male Hormonal Tonic
2 drops niaouli
5 drops pine
3 drops sandalwood
2 drops myrtle
1 drop patchouli (optional)
1 ounce carrier oil

Use daily in the bath or as a massage or body oil.

Herbal Adjuncts-For an inflamed prostate, drink a tea (or take a tincture or pills) of saw palmetto berries, nettle root, sarsaparilla root, uva ursi leaves and echinacea root.

Viral Skin Infections
Genital warts are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV), and affect both men and women. They're difficult to detect at first, but turn white when dabbed with a half-vinegar, half-water mixture. Essential oils offer one of the most effective antiviral treatments for common or genital warts. Apply oils with a glass-rod applicator, dropper or a cotton-tipped swab two to four times daily-and apply only to the wart itself, as the oils can burn sensitive skin. Protect the surrounding area with salve. Have genital warts removed by a doctor if the oils don't eliminate them. They can be passed to sexual partners and can cause cervical dysplasia.

Genital-Wart Oil
5 drops thuja essential oil
10 drops tea tree essential oil
1/4 ounce castor or caulophyllum oil
800 IU vitamin E oil

Combine ingredients. The vitamin E facilitates healing and can be obtained by opening two 400-IU capsules.

Herpes is a viral infection common among both men and women. Herpes simplex manifests around the mouth (cold sores) or the genitals. The painful Herpes zoster (shingles) is caused by the chicken-pox virus. Both strains can lie dormant in the nervous system and are often triggered by stress.

Herpes Formula
4 drops Eucalyptus citriodora
4 drops MQV (niaouli)
1 drop geranium
2 drops tea tree
2 drops bergamot
1 ounce carrier oil (calendula-infused oil is best)

Apply to affected area two or three times a day.

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About The Author
Mindy Green has 35 years experience in the natural products and health care industries, Ms. Green has served as Program Specialist for the Integrative Resource Center at the University of Colorado Hospital, Anschutes Cancer Center, where she developed and implemented specialized educational programs and resources on complementary therapies for patients and staff. ...more
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