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Breathing ?
Which of the following health conditions is not directly benefited by breathing exercises?
High blood pressure

 Naturopathic Medicine: Adult Onset Diabetes 

  • Moschus for diabetes which presents with impotency.

  • Natrum muriaticum for dry skin, itching all over body; restless; yawning and acting dejected; needs to pass urine every hour.

  • Nux vomica for DM with stupor and vertigo, buzzing in ears, sleeplessness.

  • Phosphoric acid fits the nervous patient who has milk-colored urine; great debility and bruised feeling in muscles; symptoms worse with grief, worry, anxiety; early stage diabetes.

  • Phosphorus is for restlessness and dry mouth; the patient urinates copiously - 4-5 pints in 24 hrs.

  • Plumbum metallicum for DM with constipation, and protein overflowing into the urine (which is determined by urinalysis).

  • Ratanhia for DM with scanty urine.

  • Uranium nitricum for DM due to defective assimilation; weak digestion,langour, debility; enormous appetite but the stomach feels full.
    Can I treat my diabetes with acupuncture? What does the long history of Traditional Chinese Medicine have to offer to diabetics?
    Yes. The Chinese have developed a sophisticated system not only for treating, but for dagnosing what we call Diabetes Mellitus. They conceptualize three different types of DM, which primarily affect either the "upper," "middle" or "lower" body. The middle body (or Middle Jiao as it is called in Chinese) is the earlier form of DM, which presents mainly with "great hunger." The disease progresses to the Upper Jiao form, characterized by the addition of "great thirst" to the symptom picture. Finally, the Lower Jiao form manifests with great hunger, great thirst and also "great urination." Acupoints that may be helpful for these three separate but related entities will be discussed below.

    Some possible points for Upper Wasting and Thirsting Syndrome:

    • jin jin and yu yeh, located below the lower lip, dispel Heat, especially Heat in the Blood and help to make fluids ascend.

    • Bladder-13 is located on either side of the spine, about level with the tops of the shoulder blades, and is used to clear and disperse Fire and Heat from the Lung and Upper Jiao and regulates and strengthens the Lung Qi. The Lungs, according to TCM, are critical in dispersing moisture throughout the body, thus preventing thirst.

    • Lung-11 is near the elbow and is a classic "cooling" point. It moistens throat and can quickly bring down a fever.
    Possible points for Middle Wasting and Hunger Syndrome:
    • Bladder-20, located mid-back on either side of the spine, is a master point for regulating the digestive system.

    • Bladder-21, just below Bladder 20, regulates the Stomach.

    • Stomach-28 is on the lower abdomen and regulates body fluids to promote diuresis and facilitate digestion.
    Possible points for Lower Wasting and Urination Syndrome:
    • Bladder-23, on either side of the spine about waist level, is the primary point for regulating Kidney function.

    • Conception Vessel-4 located midline on the abdomen below the navel is key to controlling bladder function, especially with frequent urination

    • Kidney-5, near the inner ankles, primarily strengthens function of the Kidneys.
    The Chinese also have a wide array of plants and medicinal plant formulations to help treat DM. Some of the more popular remedies include:

    For Upper Jiao syndrome, with excessive thirst predominant:

    • Ginseng and Gypsum C. (Bai Hu Jia Shen Tang): Lung Yin Xu (Deficiency).

    For Middle Jiao syndrome, with excessive hunger predominant:
    • Rehmannia and Gypsum C. (Yu Nu Jian): Stomach Yin Xu (Deficiency).
    • Ophiopogon and Rehmannia C.: Kidney Yin Xu (Deficiency) with weak digestive function.

    And for Lower Jiao syndrome, with excessive urination predominant:
    • Phellodendron C.; Yu Chuan Wan (patent): Kidney Yin Xu (Deficiency) with Empty Fire Blazing (false hunger).
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