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How many people each year suffer some type of preventable harm that contributes to their death after a hospital visit?
ntegrative Medicine

Apply from one to five minutes of continuous pressure. Or apply pressure for ten seconds, release for ten seconds, reapply pressure for ten seconds, release for ten seconds. Repeat this cycle five times.

To learn how to locate specific acupressure points, specific points which are helpful for different childhood conditions are included in Administering an Acupressure Treatment.

When your child is ill, acupressure is a wonderful way to use your hands with a loving, nurturing touch, while also stimulating your child's body to heal. By using the acupressure points described in this book, you will be working to relieve the underlying cause of illness. At the same time, your gentle healing touch will convey your love and concern to your child.

Common Acupressure Points
Point Effect Indications
Bladder 23 Increases circulation to the urinary tract and reproductive organs. Vaginitis, urinary tract infection; lower back pain.
Bladder 28 Master point for the bladder. Urinary tract infection.
Bladder 60 Increases circulation to the urinary tract and reproductive organs. Urinary tract infection.
Four Gates Motion sickness; chickenpox; croup; hay fever; herpes; hyperactivity; pain; fever; poison ivy; sleeplessness; weight problems. Urinary tract infection.
Kidney 3 Strengthens the bladder and kidneys; increases circulation to the reproductive organs.Bedwetting; urinary tract infection; vaginitis.
Kidney 7 Strengthens the bladder and kidneys.Bedwetting.
Large Intestine 4 Beneficial to the head and face; relieves congestion and headaches; removes energy blocks in the large intestine; clears heat.Acne; common cold; headache; menstrual cramps; teething; sore throat; fever; toothache.
Large Intestine 11 Relieves itching; reduces allergic reactions.Chickenpox; hay fever; constipation.
Large Intestine 20 Decreases sinus congestion.Hay fever; sinusitis.
Liver 3 Quiets the nervous system; relaxes muscle cramps and spasms. Asthma; menstrual cramps; teething; headache; eye pain.
Liver 7 Clears the lungs; moistens the throat. Asthma; common cold; sore throat.
Neck and Shoulder Release Relaxes the muscles of the neck and shoulders; relaxes the body.Headache; weight problems.
Pericardium 6 Relaxes the chest; relieves nausea; relaxes the ming.Asthma; motion sickness; croup; sleeplessness; stomachache; vomiting.
Points Along Either Side
of the Spine
Improves circulation; relaxes the nervous system; balances the respiratory system; relaxes the spine.Anxiety; colic; common cold; menstrual cramps; nervousness; insomnia.
Spleen 6 Reduces uterine cramping.Menstrual cramps.
Spleen 10 Detoxifies the blood.Acne; herpes; impetigo; poison ivy, boils, vaginitis.
Stomach 36 Tones the digestive system; strengthens overall wellbeing.Colic; diarrhea; chronic runny nose; vomiting, constipation, indigestion; stomachache.
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