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Breast Cancer?
More than three-quarters of women who get breast cancer are over whtat age?
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 Homeopathy: A Homeopathic Perspective on Women's Health 

When cramps are the predominating symptom of PMS, consider Pulsatilla (for cramps experienced by women who are gentle, yielding, and easily weepy, and who experience a changeable menstrual flow from month to month, are without thirst, are occasionally nauseous, prefer open air, and tend to feel worse when exposed to heat, which usually aggravates their water retention), Belladonna (for intense bearing down pains or cramps that come on and go away suddenly, and aggravation from motion or any type of jarring or draft, sometimes with a headache), Magnesia phos (cramps that are relieved by bending over, by firm abdominal massage while bending forward, or by warmth and warm application, and that are aggravated by cold, cold air, or uncovering), and Colocynthis (cramps like those of Magnesia phos but the woman is considerably more irritable and restless).

When bloating is the primary symptom, consider Pulsatilla (see above), Sepia (constipation, lethargy, general weakness felt in internal organs, irritable personality, snappishness, sadness), Lycopodium (aggravation of symptoms between 4-8pm, in warm weather, and with flatulence, and backache), and Lachesis (aggravation of symptoms during sleep and upon waking, symptoms worse on left side, pains relieved by the flow).

When moodiness, irritability, and heightened emotions are the main symptoms, consider Pulsatilla (see above), Sepia (see above), Ignatia (emotional vulnerability, especially grief, contradictory feelings, and hysteria), Cimicifuga (sharp labor-like pains that dart from one side of the body to the other, possible back pain or sciatica, intolerance of pain, loquaciousness, hysteria, feelings of being overwhelmed, and "I can't take it anymore"), Lachesis (loquacious, sharp-tongued, sarcastic ,irritable, suspicious, and jealous, with flushes of heat, symptoms worse upon waking and exposure to heat; headaches), and Nux vomica (irritable, faultfinding, quarrelsome, competitive; Type-A personality; nausea).
Dose: Take the 6, 12, or 30th potency every two hours during intense symptoms and every four hours for less intense symptoms. Stop taking the remedy if symptoms are gone or quite mild. If there isn't some type of obvious improvement in 12 hours, try another remedy.

Cystitis (Bladder Infection)
Another extremely common condition for which homeopathic medicines seem to work wonders is cystitis (bladder infection). While professional homeopathic care and/or medical attention should be sought to treat recurring bladder symptoms and for severe symptoms, an individually chosen homeopathic medicine can alleviate the pain and discomfort of most acute conditions before the woman reaches the doctor's office.

The two most common remedies for acute cystitis are Cantharis (burning, cutting pain before, during, and after urination, each drop passing as though it were scalding water, frequent urges to urinate) and Sarsaparilla (severe pain at end of urination, burning pain and constant urging; a characteristic but not common symptom is that urine can be passed only while standing). Other remedies to consider are Berberis (pain in the thighs and loins during urination, pain extending from the bladder and/or over the abdomen to the urethra), Pulsatilla (pain during and after urination as well as when lying down, dry mouth but no thirst), Apis (stinging pains with an aggravation of symptoms by warmth of any sort), Belladonna (acute pain aggravated by any motion or simple jarring, a sensation of something moving inside the bladder, restlessness at night with wild dreams), Nux vomica (constant urge to urinate, short relief when passing small quantities and from warm applications or warm bathing), and Causticum (cystitis after surgery, involuntary urination when coughing or sneezing).
Dose: Take the 6, 12, or 30th potency every two hours during intense symptoms and every four hours for less intense symptoms. Stop taking the remedy if symptoms are gone or become mild. If there isn't some type of obvious improvement in 24 hours, try another remedy. The correct remedy may need to be taken for up to three days for an acute urinary tract infection.

Vaginitis refers to an inflammatory condition in the vagina that is primarily the result of infection (i.e., from Candida albicans, Trichomonas vaginalis, Gardnerella vaginalis, or Chlamydia trachomatis) or exposure to an irritant (chemical or allergic). The symptoms of vaginitis generally include an abnormal vaginal discharge and itching or burning pains. To understand how and why homeopathic medicines are effective, it is useful to learn something about the nature of vaginitis.

(Excerpted from The Consumer's Guide to Homeopathy ISBN: 0874778131)
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