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 Homeopathy: A Case of Recurrent Cystitis 

Gail's Paps were normal for the past two years. Her first normal Pap occurred six months after she left her husband. Her sexual energy was high.

Gail had a tendency to moles (2). She had one suspicious mole biopsied. It was benign, but she still visited a dermatologist regularly. She had axillary skin tags. She complained of sinus congestion (2) and a poor sense of smell (2). She was photophobic (1). Gail had herpes on her lips (1) when she became overly nervous or tired. It began at age 13 when she began to play the flute. She also had infrequent outbreaks of genital herpes (1). She had suffered from ulcers ten years before.

She always had cold hands and feet (2). Her sleep was good. She usually alept on her back or left side. She liked cheese, pasta, tomatoes, spicy food, and ice cream (all 2's). She disliked milk (2). She had average thirst (2). She was not a morning person and she often felt sluggish for the first few hours after waking.

Gail described herself as "quick to anger" (2). She tended at hold the anger inside. She felt insulted easily (2) and became defensive if her ability was called into question (2). She was usually pretty mild (2), however.

Now study the case and click here to view the case analysis.
Those of you who are familiar with homeopathy will find this to be a very clear-cut case. This is a typical presentation of the remedy Staphysagria (Stavesacre). Staphysagria is one of the most prominent homeopathic remedies for bladder infections, particularly of the "honeymoon cystitis" variety. The symptoms of the individual case of cystitis can vary. It is often the etiology as well as the personality type of the individual that leads to the prescription of this remedy.

People needing Staphysagria very often experience sexual abuse during childhood and may begin to develop urinary symptoms at that time. The other typical time of onset of their cystitis is after first becoming sexually active. In Gail's case, there was no known sexual abuse and the urinary symptoms began later in her life. This is actually surprising, given how well she fit the remedy picture.

Though this remedy can also be given to men, we will concentrate here on the presentation of Staphysagria in women. This remedy is the classic battered women's remedy. The woman tends to have low self-esteem. She is generally very sexual and becomes involved in relation-ships with domineering, often abusive, men. She holds her anger inside, backs off from confrontations, and blames herself for the conflicts. She keeps hoping she can make things work by being a better wife or love...if she could just be more perfect. She may become so angry that she throws things, but generally the anger will remain suppressed. She may stay in a violent relationship for years because she is afraid to leave. After taking the remedy, it is not uncommon for such a woman to leave the abusive relationship or situation.

In addition to urinary symptoms, people needing Staphysagria may develop styes, stupefying headaches, severe dental decay, vaginitis, and abdominal pain after anger.

At Gail's first visit, we gave her Staphysagria 30C to take as needed up to twice a day for the next few days. We also gave her cranberry capsules and an herbal urinary combination. We instructed her to stop using the contraceptive sponge.

Gail called two weeks later to say she was doing very well. She had a herpes lesion on her lips, which we interpreted as the return of an old symptom, generally confirmatory that the chosen remedy is correct. At her follow-up visit six weeks after we first saw her, she was feeling "really good". There was no dysuria or aching in the kidneys.

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 About The Author
Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman ND, MSWJudyth Reichenberg-Ullman, ND, DHANP, MSW is a licensed naturopathic physician board certified in homeopathic medicine. She graduated with a degree in ...more
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