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 Herbal Medicine: A Case of Allergy and TMJ Treatment with Homeopathy 

At this point it was clear that the dose of Tuberculinum (or perhaps the Apis, though less likely) had considerably reduced her allergy symptoms and improved her musculoskeletal complaints somewhat.

The next visit was three weeks later, and Sammi reported surprisingly that her allergy symptoms had suddenly returned a few days before with sneezing, sinus headaches and watery eyes. This was a shorter period of time than the remedy was expected to act. There were no apparent exposures to substances which would interfere with the action of remedy, such as camphor or other strong aromatics, allopathic drugs, dental work or the use of an electric blanket. Her relapse was a mystery, but the symptom picture was the same, so another dose of Tuberculinum 1M was given.

Sammi was next seen nearly three months later. Her allergies had been much better since the second dose of Tuberculinum 1M. She was not sneezing or wheezing and her ears were not plugged. There was no return of the conjunctivitis. Her nose still ran occasionally. She complained of headaches in the right side of the forehead and the occiput-a dull pain that came and went without apparent cause. She also had stiffness in the back and neck that was better from moving around and stretching. Her low back felt tight, and there were numb spots in the dorsal spine. Her jaw was somewhat locked again She had a little lower bowel gas. There was no craving for potato chips now. She was averse to salt, eggs and meat. Her sleep was good. She was given Rhus toxicodendron 6c t.i.d.

Two months later she returned. Her joint symptoms had all resolved after the Rhus tox, but some allergy symptoms returned after a particularly strong exposure to dust while cleaning. She had a great deal of violent sneezingaccompanied by a frontal headache. Her eyes watered, her ears were plugged and she had a morning cough. Her face felt hot and her body felt cold. She was thirsty for cold drinks in sips.. There were no food cravings. Her joints were fine. Her energy was diminished since the dust exposure. A rash on her chin reappeared which had gone away with the first dose of Tuberculinum. The Tuberculinum 1M was repeated. Within a week all her allergy symptoms had resolved and she was feeling very well. Her skin rash became temporarily worse and then cleared, leaving her symptom free.

In this case we see that the constitutional picture is that of the nosode Tuberculinum. We often see chronic allergy and asthma cases which may at some point in the case need Tuberculinum, which is the remedy made from tubercules found in cows with tuberculosis. There may be a family history of tuberculosis, as in this case, indicating the use of the nosode for the presence of the tubercular miasm.. Tuberculinum patients tend to be thin, fair and pale, with a tendency to lose weight easily. They often have an allergy to cats, and usually have strong feelings about cats, either positive or negative. They often desire smoked meat, dairy products and fat, which was not the case in our vegetarian patient. She did have the characteristic Tuberculinum desire to travel, however. Tuberculinum worked quite well for her allergy symptoms, which even though they did return occasionally, were overall much improved within six months after the initial dose. Because she was a sensitive patient, a strong exposure to an allergen was capable of causing a relapse, but she quickly improved when the remedy was repeated. With each dose her symptoms lessened and she became less susceptible to allergy attacks.

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 About The Author
Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman ND, MSWJudyth Reichenberg-Ullman, ND, DHANP, MSW is a licensed naturopathic physician board certified in homeopathic medicine. She graduated with a degree in ...more
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